Water of life

Water is life
We are born in it
We give it back when we die
It comes in bottles
It comes in steam
It comes in cubes of ice
Without it we die
With it we strive

Pure water is hard to find
All we have has been touched
By the human hand
Processed again and again
Until it isn’t water anymore

One day we may wander
In search of pure water
Will we find it Maybe
On distant plants
On cold rocks in space
In maelstorms of atoms
In places where himans
Never set foot before

But why go so far
When the purest water
Is breaking it’s waves
On the walls of our hearts
Listen I know you can hear it
Open that dam
Let the water trickle
Let it flow
Let it fill your heart with life
Life everlasting
Life eternal
The water of life

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