This corridor

This corridor of doors I’m in
Frightens me to the bone
Because behind the doors I open
Are things I’d call my own
My thoughts are there, my memories
But not the way I’ve known
They’re not the way I left them
They live a life of their own

The good thoughts turned to bad
The hot have turned to cold
And what was once alive in my head
Now seems covered with mold
My memories have all gone ill
I’m weak where I was bold
And where I made a right decision
I’ve taken another road

I’m here to walk this corridor
I’m here to walk alone
I need to put things right again
I need to change their tone
I need my thoughts and memories
The way that I have known
And then this corridor will end
And I’ll find my way back home

Published in: on Sierpień 4, 2006 at 12:15 pm  Dodaj komentarz  

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